Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kids making connections

On Friday, I shared a magical video clip with my class, having been inspired by the wonderful post on Joanne Babalis's "Transforming our Learning Environment..."  site. Her site, along with a few others I follow, has been a huge source of professional development inspiration for me as I also try to transform both my classroom environment and practices. The video, "Projector Snow" by Brian Maffitt, delighted my students with its dancing snowflakes and whirling kaleidoscopic colours. They "Oooh'ed" and "Ahhh'ed", and talked about what they saw, what it made them think of, and what they wondered. Several students made pictures to share their impressions of the snowfall.

One student wondered aloud: "I wish we could paint the snow!"
I didn't let her know this, but I had had the same thought, having recently found such an idea on Pinterest.
I praised her creative idea, and today we watched the video again before starting our own coloured snow experience. What a delightful way to express our ideas about art! Here are a few images from our morning.

Today I plan to share the video with my afternoon group. I expect new connections, wonderings, and ideas to emerge. With luck, the snow that fell this weekend will remain for a few more days' worth of experiments and outdoor play.


  1. It pleases me greatly that my work is being used to inspire kids to be creative. If there is anything I can do to help you in your efforts please don't hesitate to ask. -Brian Maffitt

  2. Thank you so much Brian! I'm new to this, and as such missed responding in a timely fashion. Oops! Thank you for sharing your wonderous project online. I've shared it with several other teachers and it never fails to elicit quiet awe. I do hope you'll share any new projects on twitter for my friends to see. I shall show them that you wrote back to me when school starts again next week.