Sunday, 17 February 2013

One year journey

Welcome to my new space. I hope to use this blog as a place for reflection, for sharing with families and colleagues, and for inviting feedback in a way that my Peel Board "my class" site does not allow. I use networking as a form of professional reflection, with a presence on twitter, pinterest, and as a member of the fantastic "We Can See Project" blog, but I have resisted creating my own space. I have told myself "when I get a full-day K class", "when I have completed my Kindergarten Specialist", and even "when I finally have my cast removed". Today I have challenged myself to one year: one year to gather my professional online identity in one place, one year to try sharing and reflecting on my teaching practice, one year to join the many outstanding educators who inspire me with their shared learning. Please join me in my kindergarten journey!

What I saw at the beach yesterday. Between the waves, things became clear, with reflection.

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